Saturday, February 10, 2018

Zirzow and Larson Las Vegas Attorneys for Pedophile Rights Porn lawyer, White Supremacy Rights Lawyer Marc Randazza Randazza Legal Group. Marc Randazza attorney for Dennis Hof Las Vegas Virgin Auctions.

Pedophile Rights Porn lawyer, White Supremacy Rights Lawyers of Randazza Legal Group. Supported by Las Vegas Attorney Matt Zirzow, Zacharia Larson and Shara Larson.

Virgin auction promoter & PIMP Dennis Hof hires pedophile rights porn lawyer of Randazza Legal Group. Nevada Brothel Owner Dennis Hof.

Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Marc Randazza Claims in his Bankruptcy Case, in some sort of Defense against Crystal Cox's Malpractice Claims, that Malpractice is NOT an Intentional TORT so it can be Discharged.

Talk about pleading Guilty. WOW. So Marc Randazza and attorneys like him can INTENTIONALLY harm you, ruin your life as an officer of the court, completely defame you and put you under years and years of stress, then file for bankruptcy to avoid malpractice claims? And this is NOT an intentional Tort? WOW.

I say that Marc Randazza's actions were knowing and willful, were with malicious intent and actual malice and were and are most certainly an Intentional Tort.

Case No.: BK-S-15-14956-abl Marc John Randazza Nevada Bankruptcy. DECLARATION OF CRYSTAL COX October 23, 2017

November, 6th, 2017 Declaration of Crystal Cox Docket Entry 9 Adv. 17-01005 -abl

U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of Nevada Las Vegas Adversary Proceeding #: 17-01005 -abl BK-S-15-14956-abl. Chapter 11. Marc John Randazza.

Crystal L. Cox,
      Counter-Plaintiff, Creditor
                                                                                             Adv. 17-01005 -abl
Marc Randazza, 
     Counter-Defendant,, Debtor

Docket  Adversary Proceeding Adv. 17-01005 -abl November 9th 2017
This is Regarding Crystal Cox's Malpractice and Defamation Claims against Marc Randazza